Larry The Cable Guy’s routine with the punchline Bed, Beer & A Blonde.

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Mr. Bean goes for a swim in this hilarious clip from the TV show.

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It may be kind of boring but, believe it or not, Lean Manufacturing training that helps a company improve its Value Stream can really help them stay in business and prosper in spite of a bad economy. Hey, if it helps you keep your job in these tough economic times it’s worth being a little […]

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This swimming pool in Chile is the world’s largest swimming pool according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Here’s Panic! At The Disco performing their song I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

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This video shows an older Southern US lady preparing homemade biscuits. No measuring cups for her, she knows the biscuit recipe perfectly.

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One of the United States Marine Corps mottoes is “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

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Watch as cellphones evolve from 1985 until today.

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Kenny Rogers & The First Edition perform their psychedelic hit, Just Dropped In on the Smothers Brothers Show circa 1969.

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Here’s a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test of the 2008 Smart Fortwo.

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